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NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL has a fully developed line of products for use in civil construction applications. This range of products includes formulations designed for; WATERPROOFING OF SUB-GRADE STRUCTURES , ROOFING SYSTEMS , FOUNDATION WATERPROOFING , poly-geo SEAMLESS MEMBRANES for containment of water in landscaping, tunneling and architectural features, POLY-FOAM COMPOSITES used in creating architectural design features in casinos and theme parks, FLOOR COATING SYSTEMS for every abuse and use level, WASTE WATER and POTABLE WATER processing, storage and distribution systems, POWER GENERATION facilities using coal-hydro electric or nuclear fuels, BRIDGE WATERPROOFING systems and components, etc.

Our project reference list for this industry segment is very broad containing major civil works projects around the globe including; power plants, tunnels, roofing systems, potable and waste water facilities and distribution or storage systems, canals, dams, roads, malls, transportation hubs and other common general construction applications. We were selected for these major works due to our ability to manufacture, distribute, apply and warrantee regardless of a given projects size, location or complexity. Our continued success is based on our ability to provide superior solutions at competitive market prices.

Find out why NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS products are specified in major civil construction projects around the globe!


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