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NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL offers specific solutions to the problems encountered in the harsh conditions posed by MARINE ENVIRONMENTS . Structures or facilities situated on or near saltwater face corrosive conditions caused by extreme humidity levels, high chloride content and constant thermal cycling. Protective coatings used in these environments must have inherent physical properties specifically designed to meet these exposure conditions. The products we manufacture for marine applications have been designed to exceed the expectations of the industry, performing longer and providing the durability and even aesthetics desired by our clients.

In many application types the method in which the product is applied is critical to the performance provided when the project is completed. In marine applications this is even more critical due to the unique problems posed by imbedded chlorides, marine borers, wide temperature swings, high humidity levels and constant ultraviolet exposures encountered. We understand the problems and what is required to assure that both the correct product and its application methods are defined and carried out in the installation process. Our marine product offerings, provide our clients with not only the correct product solution, but include clear technical specifications and preparatory products to remove imbedded chlorides in surfaces to receive coatings, eliminate oxidation beneath coated surfaces, protect finished surfaces from marine borers and maintain color and gloss in continuous exposure to saltwater and ultraviolet light.

Ships and other marine transportation vessels are a large part of the marine coatings market and we provide specific solutions for their external and internal protection providing extended longevity over those offered by common marine paints and coatings. In addition to SHIPS and VESSELS , BRIDGES , PILINGS , PORTS , WHARFS , JETTIES , DOCKS and even structures and facilities in close proximity to the sea, all require specific MARINE COATING SOLUTIONS that are quite different from applications outside of this environment. We manufacture and provide the products, technical specifications and application expertise required to properly carry out these projects and have the clients and project references to back up this statement.

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