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The Global Polymer Solution Provider


NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL has developed several products that are designed for specific applications unique to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. This range of products includes specific formulations designed to protect against corrosion in; PIPELINES , STORAGE & PROCESS TANKS , OFFSHORE PLATFORMS , CONTAINMENT BUNDS , REFINERIES , PROCESS PLANTS and BULK CARRIERS . The product formulations used in this market segment have inherent properties required to meet the highly corrosive, elevated temperatures, heavy abuse levels and extreme environmental conditions unique to this industry. We have even developed a product for use specifically as an internal coating to replace CR inlays on sour gas pipelines and a composite system that utilizes spray foam and polymers providing an insulated composite to replace duplex pipe.

Our distribution network includes regional pipe coating facilities which utilize both our products and our proprietary equipment systems that provide the consistent application and high levels of productivity required for external and internal coating of flow lines and include capabilities for both land based and sub-sea application types.

Our client lists include most multi-national and national oil and gas companies. Our project reference lists include major projects in a variety of global locations and climatic conditions. We have fully developed technical specifications, independent laboratory testing and certifications, quality assurance compliance programs, multi-national and national oil and gas pre-qualifications, and all other documentation required to make the selection of our products simple and efficient.

Ask us about what solutions we can offer for your specific oil and gas or petrochemical project needs today!


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