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January 2006

USA NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL attends the World of Concrete Exhibition in Las Vegas Nevada 17 th - 20 th in conjunction with their common ownership partners in AMERICAN POLYMERS and affiliated companies. Key strategy meetings held concurrently with NUKOTE LATIN AMERICA , AMERCOAT CANADA and other North American affiliates and clients. Nukote attendees included; MR. LAXMI GUPTA -Chairman, MR. MICHAEL OSBORNE -President and CEO, MR. CHRISTOPHER BEAN -Managing Director Asia, MR. PRASHANT VARSHNEY -Managing Director Americas..

USA NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL initiates product certification and testing for newly developed INTUMESCENT POLYMERS . MR. LAXI GUPTA -Nukote Chairman states "this product group will revolutionize the intumescent coatings market providing a clear alternative to cementatious sacrificial coatings"..

China NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS CHINA performs testing a t CNPPC headquarters for 3000 k pipeline renovation project going head to head with epoxy products in field trials. NUKOTE HT trials are performed flawlessly where the competing product trials failed. CNPCC gives go-ahead for prequalification testing in advance of contract award..

India NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL performs application training to GKT INDIA in Delhi and certifies application team. MR. AMIR ADIB -Nukote Technical Manager Middle East provided the classroom and application training during this phase of GKT development. GKT is the first regional qualified applicator in Northern India and with their certification being a critical first step in Nukote Strategies for India ..

UAE AL GURG FOSROC awarded high profile DUBAI IMMIGRATION BUILDING roof renovation project in Dubai using NUKE POLYMER PRODUCTS . PROTECTIVE COATINGS TECHNOLOGIES is awarded subcontract for application work under Al Gurg and schedules the renovation works that will be performed within the month of January under...

Yemen FOSROC GLOBAL TRADING closes contract for AIRPORT RENOVATION PROJECT in Yemen using NUKOTE POLYUREA-GEOTEXTILE-COMPOSITE . This key infrastructure project is acquired through provision of innovative composite solution using a combination of NUKOTE GEOTEXTILE-MESH FABRICS AND NUKOTE PURE POLYUREA . The project is scheduled to start in early April 2006 with...

India NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL executes OEM agreement with SPECTRON ENGINEERING of Mumbai. NUKOTE PRESIDENT MICHAEL OSBORNE states that "Spectron Engineering and their owner represent the next addition to the Nukote family of affiliates and brings a lot of expertise and knowledge to our efforts here in India ."


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